Carpet Cleaning

Andrews' Carpet and Upholstery uses a 5 step process to clean your carpets by pre-inspecting, pre-vacuuming, pre-spraying, rinsing, and hot water extraction. By doing this Dave insures quality results.

Upholstery Cleaning

Andrews' Carpet and Upholstery cleans upholstery by hand. Dave will pre-inspect, pre-vacuum, clean by hand and rinse the fabric. He will set up air movers to help speed up the drying process for your upholstered pieces.

Area Rug Cleaning

Most area rugs are picked up from your home and delivered in 14 days. Andrews' Carpet and Upholstery will clean your rugs with state of the art technology.

water damage

Water Damage Restoration

We will arrive in a timely manner to get started on your water damage needs. Dave will measure the water levels in your walls and carpet. Dehumidifiers will be set up as well as turbo dryers. Dave will come by and monitor all water levels and equipment daily.

Our equipment

Andrews' Carpet and Upholstery has state of the art equipment. This insures you will be getting the best possible cleaning. Fabrics will be left clean and fresh.


Next Steps...

Give us a call to schedule your appointment today 301-258-2778. Your time is as important to us as it is to you, so we schedule in hour time frames.